Artist Statement

Crystal Series

I started the Crystal Series in the summer of 2008. It is the visual exploration of the structural and expressive possibilities of light, sight, and the prismatic effect of color. Looking through a form and how it changes as light goes in and out of the shapes, multiplies the layers of reality.

Crystal is both a reflective and a refractory surface; it can distort images seen through it or reflect images outward, displaying myriad possibilities for optical illusions. The configurations have been selected both metaphysically and aesthetically. As a conceptual reference, I select what is seen through the crystal which sometimes become a Postmodernist way of linking art from the past. A cross between Impressionism and Op Art, I am showing you how to see light through the magical stimulus of color and movement. To me, perception IS the sensory absorption into life.


In my more recent works, I have expanded design possibilities by using fractal variations in color, form, and by the repetition of crystals segments. This deconstructs the object so focus is placed on the visual aspects instead of function.  I am reconciling the disparate styles of representation and abstraction in a mutual aesthetic coexistence.